10 interesting facts about pugs and why we love them.

10 interesting facts about pugs and why we love them.

Pugs have been around for hundreds of years and have a very rich history. Here are some facts about Pugs. Pugs were introduced to Europe from China in the sixteenth century and had the House of Orange and Stuart to thank for helping to spread awareness and grow the popularity of pugs. Pugs are known for their charming, and steady nature.

1)  Pugs have amazing personality traits 

Pugs are born with a lot of character, they were born to be companion dogs and thrive off being integrated into a family. Pugs provide excellent companionship.  If you own a pug you would have noticed your personal space no longer exists. They love to follow you everywhere, sit on your lap, and cuddle into you.  Who needs a hot water bottle? When you have a pug to cuddle you. 

Pugs can become food-obsessed, you will need to be careful about what you leave sitting around within their reach, and to make sure you give them the correct amount of food each day or they can soon become overweight.  One plus on Pugs being food-obsessed is generally they won't be fussy eaters! 

Pugs tend to be more stubborn than other breeds of dogs. But hey, they know what they want.

Vibrant Hound dog shirt pug being held with one hand against a blue wall.

2) They come in four different colours.

The Australian ANKC recognise that Pugs come in four colours: Silver, black,  apricot, and fawn.1

 3) They have an ancient history

Pugs are an ancient breed of dog, with a history going back to 400 B.C.E. Pugs were bred in ancient China to be companions for ruling families. They were never to be sold to the public. Early Chinese breeders deliberately bred Pugs to have wrinkles. They were deliberately aiming for the wrinkles to resemble the Chinese symbol of "Prince2".Chinese Emperors prized their pet pugs, and the royal dogs were kept in luxury and guarded by troops. Pugs eventually expanded throughout Asia. Buddhist monks in Tibet had pugs as pets in their monasteries. Since ancient times, the breed has maintained its devoted love for its owners. Pugs were imported from China to Europe in the sixteenth century3

4) Offical dog of the House of Orange

Pugs were the official dog of the "House of Orange". The House of Orange is the current ruling house of the Netherlands. William the silent who was the Prince of Orange 1533-1584 was saved by his pug who alerted him assassins were approaching his sleeping area. The breed of dog is under dispute and has not been resolved however several reports state it was a pug. 

5) They are royalty 

Pugs have for hundreds of years been the companions of Royal Families around the world.  They originally were bred for Chinese Royalty however as time went on they have been friends of Royal families around the world. 

Mary II and William III who ruled England, Ireland, and Scotland in the 16th Century were also proud pug owners and helped the pet gain popularity in Europe.

Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military and political leader in the 1800s. His partner Josephine owned a Pug named Fortune. Fortune was rather protective of Josephine and did not like males in her life, and Napoleon has written that he was on the receiving end of a few bites. Josephine also used Fortune to send notes to her family when she was confined in Les Carmes Prison.

Queen Victoria ruled the United Kingdom in the 19th Century and bred multiple pugs. Queen Victoria was instrumental in helping to set up the kennel club. Victoria favoured fawn and apricot colours. Her grandson King George V also owned pugs. 

6) Famous owners of pugs.

William Hogarth a famous painter born in London in 1697 owned a pug named Trump. Trump has featured in several paintings and they are currently on display at the New walk Museum in Leicester, and the Philadelphia museum of art. "The Painter and his Pug" was created in 1745 and is currently part of the TATE exhibition4

Harriet Beecher Stowe a famous American author well known for her book Uncle Toms cabin owned a pug. She was credited for popularising the anti-slavery movement. 

Valentino a famous Italian designer owns quite a few pugs and has named a fashion line after them.

7) Pugs were the symbol of a secret society. 

In 1738 a group of Catholics in Germany created a secret society called "Order of the pugs".  A pug was chosen as the symbol due to its loyalty and trustworthiness.  New members that joined this society had an interesting imitation. They had to wear a dogs collar and scratch at the door to get in. Members of the order would then bark at them, and make the new members kiss the backside of a pug statue. The order of the pugs was disbanded in 1748 but rumoured to still be active in 1901.

8) A group of pugs is called a grumble. 

This is apparently due to the loud breathing, farting, and snorting that pugs make. However,  the dutch word for Pug "Mopshund" loosely translates to grumble.  Mopperen means to grumble.


9) Pugs struggle to swim

Pugs are a brachycephalic breed. This is defined as a dog with a shortmuzzle, and a flattened face. Brachycephalic breeds do not make the greatest swimmers. Pugs can swim but you should only let them swim under direct supervision. This is due to their short snout making breathing while swimming more difficult. This is due to them having to hold their head up at an angle to keep their nose out of the water. This puts them at a sub optimal position to paddle in. 

10) They look good in dog apparel. 

Pugs are some of the most fashionable dog breeds around. They were once royalty. You can see them taking over social media by searching the hashtag #pug. They look good wearing dog sweaters, dog shirts, and dog apparel. Here is a link to our blog on how to select dog shirts. If you want information on how to clean dog apparel click here.

Here are a few pictures of some fashionable pups.

Morti the pug wearing a Vibrant Hound dog shirt 

As you can tell pugs have a very interesting and rich history. We absolutely love them!  We specialise in dog apparel and clothing. To find out more information regarding why dog shirts are beneficial click here. To see our dog products click on this link.


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