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Fringe Studio

Dog Toy: Fringe Studio Fun Zone Bones

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Unleash the Fun! Fringe Studio's Fun Zone Bones: A Hide-And-Seek Adventure for Dogs

Does your dog crave playtime that's as stimulating as it is squeaky? Look no further than the Fringe Studio Fun Zone Bones Plush Puzzle Dog Toy Set! This innovative toy combines two playtime favorites: plush toys and hide-and-seek puzzles.

Here's Why Your Pup Will Love the Fun Zone Bones:

  • Hidden Fun: The plush "Barker's Fun Zone Frosted Bones Bag" becomes a pup detective's dream! Hide the two squeaky "Frosted Bones" inside the bag and watch your dog sniff, dig, and play to uncover these delightful squeak-centers.
  • Double Duty Fun: The plush bones are more than just hiding treats! They're also fantastic for independent playtime. Toss them for fetch, have a game of tug-of-war, or let your dog cuddle with their new squeaky buddies.
  • Burrowing Bliss: Does your dog love to dig in the backyard? The Fun Zone Bones provide a safe and satisfying outlet for that natural instinct!
  • Mental Stimulation: Keeping your dog mentally engaged is key to preventing boredom. The hide-and-seek aspect of the Fun Zone Bones challenges your pup's problem-solving skills and keeps them entertained for extended periods.
  • Treat Time Twist: Want to take the playtime fun to another level? Hide some dry dog treats inside the bag along with the plush bones! Your pup will be doubly rewarded for their detective work.



Fringe Studio's Fun Zone Bones are ideal for small to medium-sized dogs. This toy set is not only fun, but it also helps combat boredom and keeps your furry friend mentally stimulated.

Order yours today and watch your dog become a hide-and-seek champion!


  • Hide-and-seek plush puzzle with a plush bone bag
  • Includes 2 squeaky plush bones
  • Great for burrowing and independent play
  • Mentally stimulating for dogs

Ideal for small to medium-sized dogs