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Fringe Studio

Dog Toy: Fringe Studio Into The Swim Of Things

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Make a Splash with Fun! Fringe Studio's Lifeguard Sloth Rescues Pups from Boredom!

Calling all water-loving pups! Is your dog feeling a little ruff around the edges – in desperate need of some playtime fun? Then it's time to sound the alarm for the Fringe Studio Into The Swim Of Things Lifeguard Sloth Plush Squeaky Dog Toy!

This adorable sloth isn't just your average plushie – he's a certified boredom buster with a squeaky surprise!

Here's Why Your Pup Will Love the Lifeguard Sloth:

  • Squeals for Miles: Hidden inside the lifeguard sloth's super soft plush body is a loud squeaker, ready to ignite your dog's natural play instincts. Get ready for some serious tail wags and playful pounces!
  • Snuggle Up for Snoozy Duty: After a long day of saving playtime from boredom, the Lifeguard Sloth transforms into the cuddliest companion. The ultra-soft and plush material makes this sloth the perfect bedtime buddy.
  • Lifesaving Fun for Bigger Pups: This toy is ideal for medium-sized to large dogs, providing hours of entertainment for your furry friend.

Just a heads up: While the Lifeguard Sloth is ready to jump into any playtime adventure, his lifeguard hat stays on duty – it's not removable.

Don't let boredom drag your dog down! Order the Fringe Studio Lifeguard Sloth Plush Squeaky Dog Toy today and watch your pup become the ultimate water-loving cuddle monster!


  • Adorable lifeguard sloth plush dog toy
  • Built-in loud squeaker for extended playtime
  • Super soft and cuddly for bedtime snuggles
  • Ideal for medium-sized to large dogs
  • Hat is not removable