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Fringe Studio

Dog Toy: Fringe Studio - Pack Your Bags

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Unleash Island Fun: Fringe Studio's Pack Your Bags Dog Toy Sets Sail for Adventure!
Is your pup a jetsetter at heart? Does their tail wag at the mention of "walkies" and their nose twitch for hidden treats? Then set them loose on a pawsome adventure with the Fringe Studio Pack Your Bags Hide-And-Seek Plush Puzzle Dog Toy Set!

Unlock a Treasure Trove of Squeaky Fun

Imagine a suitcase bursting with tropical delights – but instead of leis and sunscreen, it's packed with squeaky surprises! The Pack Your Bags set features a large, plush suitcase hiding three adorable plush toys: a pair of chill shades, a bottle of squeaky sunscreen, and a festive Hawaiian shirt. Hide these treasures inside the suitcase and watch your furry friend become a determined explorer, sniffing out each squeaker with playful persistence.

More Than Just Hide-and-Seek: A Toybox of Enrichment

The fun doesn't stop at hide-and-seek! Each plush toy is a squeaker in its own right, perfect for independent playtime. Feeling creative? Toss in your dog's favorite toys or treats for a customized treasure hunt. The Pack Your Bags set is a fantastic way to challenge your dog mentally and keep boredom at bay.

Designed for Discerning Diggers

Does your dog have a talent for unearthing buried treasures in the backyard (or under the couch)? The burrowing instinct is strong in many pups, and the Pack Your Bags set provides a safe and satisfying outlet for that primal urge. Plus, the small to medium-sized design makes it ideal for a variety of playful personalities.

Key Features:
Tropical hide-and-seek plush puzzle for dogs
Plush suitcase with hidden compartment
Includes 3 squeaky plush toys (sunglasses, sunscreen, Hawaiian shirt)
Can be used with other toys or treats for versatile play
Mentally stimulates your dog and combats boredom
Ideal for small to medium-sized dogs
Set sail on a journey of endless playtime with the Fringe Studio Pack Your Bags Hide-And-Seek Plush Puzzle Dog Toy Set! Order yours today and watch your pup become the ultimate beach bum (minus the sand!).