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  • Adorable Chinese Crested dog wearing a vibrant green Feelin'Fruity shirt with a playful fruit print.
  • Side profile of Feelin Fruity dog t-shirt.
  • Front of Feelin' Fruity dog t-shirt. It is lime green with bananas, grapes, oranges, and pineapple printed on it.
  • Back of Feelin Fruity dog shirt. It is lime green covered in multiple tropical fruits.
  • Two charming Cavoodles sitting side-on, showcasing their fashionable presence in Feelin'Fruity dog shirts adorned with delightful fruit patterns.
  • "Captivating French Bulldog sporting a trendy Feelin'Fruity dog shirt, facing away but gazing captivatingly at the camera with an air of style and curiosity
  • Energetic Cavoodle displaying their playful spirit while standing on hind legs, proudly wearing a Feelin'Fruity dog shirt that adds a touch of charm and vibrancy to their adorable pose.
  • Two cheerful French Bulldogs radiating happiness as they showcase their contagious joy while wearing Feelin'Fruity dog shirts, adding a splash of fun and cheerfulness to their delightful personalities.
  • A lovable French Bulldog capturing hearts with an endearing head tilt, exuding charm and curiosity while donning a Feelin'Fruity dog shirt that adds a touch of playful style to their adorable pose.
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Vibrant Hound

Feelin' fruity dog t-shirt

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 Bold vibrant dog t-shirts made with lots of love.


This fruit salad dog t-shirt will transport you to the warm summer evenings spent relaxing in the shade.  Who doesn’t love a fruit salad? Especially when you can use fruit in cocktails!

UNIQUE, these dog t-shirts are designed by us, from the material used, the design of the prints, and the sizing. The front of the shirt is taken up higher so they don’t need to be removed for night-time toilet trips.

COMFORTABLE, these shirts are made to have STRETCH. We all love our stretchy comfortable clothing to relax on the couch at home.

We offer a free exchange on your first purchase of all dog shirts for your peace of mind.

Care Instructions.

All of our dog clothing should be washed using a cold cycle in your washing machine.  Please wash the shirts inside out and then air dry. For a detailed guide on washing your Vibrant Hound dog shirts click here.