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  • Photo of Chester and Fergus two  French Bulldogs wearing medium Electric Orange dog shirt.
  • Side flat lay of Lil Prick dog shirt. Showing how it sits on dogs.
  • A flat lay of Vibrant hounds lil' Prick dog shirt. Covered in Bright coloured Cactus. Front of shirt shorter to allow for dogs to go toilet without removing the shirt.
  • Lil Prick dog shirt back flat lay. The shirt is orange with rainbow coloured catus.
  • A Golden Retriever standing on Hind legs wearing Lil Prick dog shirt
  • Wilmington the Chinese Crested modelling XS Lil prick dog shirt
  • Nala the Golden Retriever modelling a Vibrant Hound Lil'  Prick dog shirt from behind. The dog shirt is orange with rainbow cactus on it.
  • Two caboodles modelling a Vibrant Hound Lil' Prick dog shirt.
  • A Cavoodle wearing a Lil Prick dog shirt side profile
  • A French Bulldog photograph front shot wearing a Vibrant Hound Lil Prick dog shirt
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Vibrant Hound

Lil Prick dog shirt

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Cacti can be found on nearly every continent. They are very common in North and South America. Let our dog shirt transport you and your pooch to the deserts of North America, or to nights spent drinking your favorite drink. 

UNIQUE, these dog shirts are designed by us, from the material used, the design of the prints, and the sizing. The front of the shirt is taken up higher so they don’t need to be removed for night-time toilet stops.

COMFORT, these shirts are made to have STRETCH. We all love our comfy clothing to relax on the couch. 

We offer a free exchange on your first purchase of all dog shirts for your peace of mind.


All of our dog clothing should be washed using a cold cycle in your washing machine.  Please wash the shirts inside out.  The dogs shirt should also be air dried.