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  • Dachshund wearing Vibrant Hounds Seriopusly stripey cooling shirt for dogs. The shirt is Blue snd green stripes.
  • Side Flat lay of Vibrant Hounds Seriously Stripey dog shirt. The shirt is blue and green stripes.
  • Back flatlay of Vibrant Hounds seriously stripey dog cooling shirt.
  • Side shot of a French Bulldog wearing Vibrant Hound's Seriously Stripey dog cooling shirt.
  • Two French Bulldogs staring front on. They are wearing a cooling tee for dogs. The tee is blue with green stripes.
  • An English Bulldog standing side on. The dog is wearing Vibrangt Hounds Seriously Stripey cooling tee.
  • English Bulldog standing front on. The bulldog is wearing a green and blue stripped cooling tee for dogs.
  • A black and white cavoodle wearing Vibrant Hounds Seriously Stripey cooling tee. The tee is blue and green thick stripes.
  • A black and white Cavoodle wearing a blue and green dog cooling shirt.
  • A dachshund wearing Vibrant Hounds Seriously Stripey dog cooling shirt.
  • Two Havanese dogs wearing dog cooling shirts made by Vibrant Hound. The cooling shirts are blue and green stripes and the other is pink chequers with daisys on them.
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Vibrant Hound

Seriously Stripey dog cooling shirt

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Seriously Stripey cooling dog shirt.

This dog shirt is designed to keep your pup cool this summer. This shirt is designed to hold water and has a breathable mesh skin that helps to conduce evaporation.

How to use this cooling shirt.

1) Before placing this shirt on your dog, place the shirt underwater.

2) Wring the shirt out lightly and place it on your dog.

3) The shirt will now start to help cool your dog down. Wet as required.

UNIQUE, these dog shirts are designed by us, from the material used, the design of the prints, and the sizing. The front of the shirt is taken up higher so they don’t need to be removed for toilet stops.

COMFORT, these shirts are made to have STRETCH. We all love wearing our comfy clothing to relax on the couch at home.

We offer a free exchange on your first purchase of all dog apparel for your peace of mind.



All of our dog shirts should be washed using a cold cycle in your washing machine.  Please wash the shirts inside out.  The dog's shirt should also be air-dried.