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Fringe Studio

Dog Toy: Fringe Studio My Paddle Does The Talking

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Get Active with Fun! Fringe Studio "Paddle Talk" 3-Piece Dog Toy Set (Squeaky, Crinkle)

Calling all playful pups! The Fringe Studio's "I'll Let My Paddle Do The Talking" 3-Piece Dog Toy Set is the perfect way to keep your small to medium-sized dog entertained.

This adorable set features 3 fun toys:

  • A pick racket
  • 2 tennis balls

Each toy has:

  • A built-in squeaker for endless fun
  • Crinkle paper for extra excitement

Here's why The Fringe Studio's "Paddle Talk" Dog Toy Set is a winning choice:

  • Multiple Textures for Maximum Engagement: The squeakers and crinkle paper keep your dog stimulated and engaged during playtime.
  • Perfect for Fetch and Play: The set is ideal for interactive games of fetch and tug-of-war.
  • Great for Small to Medium Dogs: This set is perfectly sized for smaller breeds, providing endless entertainment.

Looking for a fun and interactive way to keep your dog active? Order the Fringe Studio's "Paddle Talk" Dog Toy Set today and watch the playtime fun begin!