Dog Fashion 2023

Dog fashion is constantly evolving, it is becoming bolder, brighter, and more accessible. Here are the hottest trends of 2023.

  • Bold and bright clothing

This year is all about bold and bright prints. Whether you are after a bright tee shirt or a bold print there is something for everyone.

An English Bulldog wearing a gold chain and a  writting on the wall dog shirt by Vibrant Hound. It's a graffiti style print.


  • Functional and fashionable

Previously, you could either buy functional or fashionable. Now companies are combining the two of them. Whether its a stylish rain jacket, boots to stop your dogs feet from getting warm, tee shirts to keep your dog cool and or to minimise allergies. Your dog can be functional while looking good.At Vibrant Hound we make cooling tee shirts for dogs. They are designed to help cool your dog down, and we will soon be releasing SPF rated swim shirts to keep your dog sun safe while at the beach. 

Vibrant Hound leopard print dog shirt



Sustainable styles

There is a growing trend towards sustainability. This is great news for the enviroment, and it also means your dog can look great while helping the enviroment. We are soon to be releasing dog clothing made from recycled materials. This will be released in October 2023.