Dog pyjamas for French Bulldogs: How to choose the perfect pyjamas for dogs.

French Bulldog pyjamas: how to choose 

Pyjamas for dogs can be great! Whether it is to keep your French Bulldog warm on cold winter nights, protect your dogs from allergies when they go outside, or just to look cute. Here is our guide on choosing the correct pyjamas for your dogs.
Milo the French Bulldog weraring Vibrangt Hounds Lil Prick dog shirt
Why would you put pyjamas on your French Bulldog?

Pyjamas can be useful for dogs for a number of reasons. Smaller dogs are prone to feeling the cold. Their coat may be adequate for the warmer summer months but as winter sets in they start to feel the cold.

Dog shirts can also be useful for helping to protect your dogs from allergies if they suffer from any skin conditions. This works by providing an allergen between your dog's skin and the allergen. It is also useful for pet owners that are allergic as it helps to contain dander. Dander is a microscopic particle of dead skin and is a common allergen in humans. Dog pyjamas can trap dander and stop it from being spread around the house.

If your French Bulldog has recently had an operation dog clothing can help to stop them from licking their wounds. Dogs like their wounds to help soothe the area, especially if it's itchy. Another reason dogs lick their wounds is to remove debris and kill bacteria. Dog bacteria do have a number of benefits for themselves, it creates a moist environment, it contains growth factors, leucocyte inhibitors, and histamines. This helps cell migration, however, dogs are known to incessantly lick wounds and make them worse. Be aware that you should never let your dog like your own open wounds. Their saliva contains a number of bacteria that is harmful to humans and in extreme examples have caused sepsis1.

Pyjamas for French bulldogs also help to contain excess hair that is spread around your house. The pyjamas will help to trap the fur inside the shirt. Dog pyjamas may also be beneficial if your dog suffers from anxiety. The light-pressure pyjamas apply on your dog's body help to deactivate its sympathetic nervous system ( Your dog's fight or flight system). This is the same as weighted blankets for humans.
A French Bulldog wearing dog pyjamas
How to pick the correct sized pyjamas for your French Bulldog


We always recommend measuring your dog before purchasing pyjamas. At a minimum, you want to measure their neck, chest, and back length.

  • Have your dog have them stand in front of you.
  • To measure their neck remove your dog's collar and put the tape measure around their neck. 
  • To measure your French Bulldog's chest put the tape measure around its chest behind your dog's front legs. We recommend not pulling tight but having the tape measure slightly loose to factor in for fur.
  • Back length, measure your dog's back length from the base of its neck to the start of its tail.
  • Consult the brand's sizing chart to find the correct size, and if you are between sizes we recommend purchasing a size up to ensure it is not too tight.
  • If you are purchasing pyjamas from us our shirts are designed to be very stretchy for comfort, and we offer free size exchange for first purchasers. This ensures your dog has the perfect fit. 

French Bulldog with measurements
Ease of fitting and removal

Another important point is to consider whether the clothing you are purchasing is easy to put on and remove. Care needs to be taken with zippers as this may pinch their skin and fur. Buttons while looking cute are hard to do up on your dog and may fall off.
A French Bulldog wearing Vibrant Hound's pyjamas for dogs.

We recommend handwashing and air drying your French Bulldog's pyjamas to preserve the lifespan of your clothing. However, machine washing is fine in a cold wash. We also recommend using natural washing liquid. If you want to learn more about cleaning your dog's clothes view our instructions here



1) A small 'lick' will sink a great ship: fulminant septicaemia after dog saliva wound treatment in an asplenic patient. Evi M Morandi, Reinhard Pauzenberger,  Christoph Tasch, Ulric M Rieger,  Gerhard Pierer, Gabriel Diedovic