Thirteen cool facts about French bulldogs

Thirteen cool facts about French bulldogs

French Bulldogs have become one of the hottest breeds of dogs in the world. People cannot get enough of their irresistible charm. They are hilarious, social, and cuddly dogs. Their amazing personalities and loving nature are contagious. French Bulldogs are commonly referred to as "Frenchies". Many French Bulldogs are social media stars on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok. Here are thirteen interesting facts we have found about French Bulldogs.

Frenchbull dog sitting on the couch

1) French Bulldog are not originally from France.

French Bulldogs did not originate in France. The French Bulldog breeds history is murky but they originated from Nottingham in the United Kingdom in the 1800s. They were bred by lacemakers who wanted to create a miniature version of the English Bulldog. After bullfighting was banned in the United Kingdom breeders started to breed smaller dogs. In France, they were commonly bred with French Ratters. The French Bulldogs retained the English Bulldogs looks but gained the French Ratters eagerness and playfulness. In the 1860s these English Lacemakers migrated to France and the breed started to become very popular. They then got the name French Bulldog. The French bulldogs were used as laptop dogs for the lacemakers while they worked.

2) French Bulldogs are overly sensitive. 

French Bulldogs are a very sensitive breed and do not take being yelled at lightly. They will often mope around the house for hours if you upset them. French Bulldogs respond best to positive reinforcement. This training technique is now the favoured technique of training dogs. Gone are the days of negative enforcement with newspapers etc. Positive reinforcement can include treats, praise, petting, or a favourite game. A lot of dogs are food-driven, so treats will work particularly well. Who doesn't love food? Positive reinforcement training will also allow your bond to prosper with your canine friend. A real relationship is built on love and respect, and not fear. You should be extra careful not to reward your dog for bad behaviour. As an example, if you let them outside every time they bark at outside influences. You are rewarding them for bad behaviour and this will lead to an increase in this negative behaviour. 

3) They struggle to swim.

The French Bulldog breed is not built to be great at swimming or athletics in general. Their natural build works against them. They have a thick muscular build coupled with a flat face and short legs. When swimming, French Bulldogs have to tilt their head upwards to keep their snout out of the water (They have a very flat face), while having short legs to propel them. When French Bulldogs tilt their head to swim, it tends to tilt the rear of their body downwards. This means they have a larger vertical compnent of energy rather than forwards. Because of this, they struggle to swim. French Bulldogs are also very front heavy and tend to struggle to regain a proper swimming position if they are disturbed from this and tend to swing like a pendulum. We highly recommend keeping a very attentive watch over your dog while swimming and looking into dog life jackets. The actor known by the name "The Rock" had to rescue his French Bulldogs from a swimming pool as they were drowning.

4) French Bulldog traits make them great for families. 

French bulldogs have great temperaments and are fantastic with children. They were bred to be companion dogs. They thrive when they are actively involved in family activities (Yay for keeping the kids entertained). They crave a lot of attention and are just as happy running around outside or spending time on the couch cuddling their family. They are a humorous, and mischievous breed, with strong loyalty to their family. They will keep you entertained for hours. French Bulldogs are also generally very quiet and don't bark often. Good for not upsetting neighbours! They are often known as clowns dressed up as professors. I think this accurately describes them.

Chester the French Buldog wearing a Vibrant Hound dog-shirt

5) French Bulldog ears came in two shapes. 

Frenchies ears can come in two different types. The American Kennel Club recognised the French Bulldog breed in 1898 and set breed standards. The most common is the AKC approved Bat ears: These are wide-based ears with an elongated rounded top. This is what breeders aim to achieve to conform to breed standards. 

Rose Ears: Early in the history of the breed Rose ears were the predominant look but now these ears are seen less regularly. Rose ears fold forwards like the English Bulldogs ears. The reason they are less common is that American breeders decided to favour the bat ear as it is a more distinctive look. 

6) One of the worlds most popular breeds.

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds in the world. In 2020 they were the worlds number 2 most popular breed. This was not always the case, in 1960 there were only 106 French Bulldogs registered with the AKC. In 2004 there were 228 Frenchies registered in Australia. We are glad this breed has come back from the brink. This number has risen rapidly. This rapid rise in popularity speaks volumes about the breeds friendly temperament and traits.

Fergus the French Bulldog wearing a Vibrant Hound dog shirt

7) A French Bulldog was on the titanic.

A two-year-old French Bulldog named Garmin was on the titanic. He was owned by a 27-year old US banker, Robert Daniel. Unfortunately, Garmin the French Bulldog was not one of the survivors. Only two out of the twelve dogs on the titanic survived the sinking. Garmins owner, Robert Daniel survived the Titanic sinking and would later be elected onto the senate of Virginia. Garmin was purchased by his owner for £150 founds which is the equivalent of £14,000 in 2022.

8) French Bulldogs are fashion icons. 

French Bulldogs have regained their former popularity in the dog world. In the early 19th century French Bulldogs were a fashion statement. Accounting for inflation they were more expensive in the early 19th century than they are now. The Romanov Family - Russias last imperial party to rule, J.P Morgan and Rockefeller families all owned French Bulldogs. The Romanov family commissioned artwork and statues of their French Bulldogs and they can be found in museums around the world. The Romanovs were overthrown from power in 1917 and went into exile in a Siberian town called Tobolsk. They were murdered in July 1918 and their dogs did not survive. 

King Edward VII who was the king of the United Kingdom until 1936 also owned a frenchie named Peter.

Skipping forwards to today Manny the Frenchie now has over 1million followers on Instagram, and many celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Hugh Jackman, The Rock, and Leonardo DiCaprio all own French Bulldogs.


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Frenchbulldog wearing a  Vibrant Hound dog apparel. Chester the French Bulldog wearing a Vibrant Hound dog shirt.


9) Most French Bulldogs are conceived with artificial insemination.

Over 80% of French Bulldog litters are conceived with artificial insemination and born with a cesarean section (C-section). Artificial insemination is used due to the French Bulldog build. They have compact bodies and slim hips which make it hard for the male French Bulldog to mount. Also being brachycephalic they are prone to overheating and will often get too hot before they finish their job. 

C-sections are required for French Bulldog births due to the size of the puppies heads, and the narrowness of their mother's hips. Frenchie pup heads are often larger than their mother's pelvic canal and if birthed naturally it can result in the puppy getting stuck, and the death of the mother and puppy. These complications add to the cost of purchasing French Bulldogs.

10) French Bulldogs FART A LOT! 

French Bulldogs are famously known for their farting. This can be due to several reasons. French Bulldogs are a brachycephalic breed and can suffer from Aerophagia (swallowing air) while they eat. This is due to eating too fast. This can be counted by slow eating mats, raised bowls, and snuffle mats.

Here are many other reasons that can cause the passing of gas:

  • Dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt, and milk. Dogs are lactose intolerant; 
  • Grains can contribute to farting issues;
  • Cheap commercial dog food loaded with carbohydrates and fillers;
  • High-fat foods;
  • Spicy food (Has the same effect on them like us);
  • Soybeans and peas ( Are difficult for dogs to digest).

The majority of French Bulldogs are on a grain-free diet or raw. This helps to minimise French Bulldog flatulence. 

Chester and Fergus the French Bulldogs wearing Vibrant Hound dog-clothing

11) Most French Bulldogs are born with floppy ears. 

On average most French Bulldogs ears start to rise between five to seven weeks old. One ear often stands erect before the other. This is super adorable and makes for amazing photos! The reason their ears do not stand straight away is due to the cartilage in their ears still strengthening and developing. Increasing your dog's calcium intake can help with bone growth and aid their ears to stand vertical. Calcium is found in Broccoli, spinach, beans, and dairy. Every dog I have owned has not liked vegetables. I found blending the vegetables up in the food processor and mixing them with meat worked wonders. There are also videos on the internet providing instructions on how to tape an ear up. 

12) A French Bulldog served in World War 1.

Dogs are used by militaries around the world due to their loyal traits.
In World War1 a French Bulldog named Mutt served for the allied forces. His role was to carry cigarettes to the troops in trenches and to boost morale. Mutt was injured numerous times but continued to serve his country loyally. At the end of World War1, the majority of dogs who served were left behind on foreign land. Mutt however was snuck aboard a ship returning to America and eventually died of old age. If you want to learn more about Mutt there are several youtube videos and books about him.

13) A French Bulldog influenced a famous French fashion line.
Yves Saint Laurent owned two French Bulldogs over his time. They were both named Moujik. Yves Saint Laurent used his dogs to inspire a number of his fashion lines. He also commissioned a famous artist named Andy Warhol to make an artwork of his dog. This painting was completed one year before Andy Warhol died and was the very last artwork he completed.

As you can see French Bulldogs have played a large role in history from the 19th century onwards.From being royalty,  serving in world wars, and influencing luxury fashion designers. We love French Bulldogs and love creating unique high-quality clothing for them. French Bulldogs are a loving and entertaining breed of dog and we cannot get enough of them. 

14) Bonus fact: French Bulldogs can have long hair.

Enzo the Longhaired French Bulldog wearing a Vibrant Hound Christmas Splash shirt.

Enzo the French Bulldog wearing one of our Vibrant Hound Christmas Splash dog shirts.

French Bulldogs can carry a long hair gene. When two parents carry the long hair gene they can produce longhaired French Bulldogs. This gene works by reducing the ability of the gene FGF5 to signal to the hair follicle to stop growth. While long-haired French Bulldogs do not conform to the AKC breed standard. They are super adorable. To learn more about long-haired French Bulldogs click here.