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Fringe Studio

Dog Toy: Fringe Studio Natural Born Griller

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Calling All Food Lovers! The Fringe Studio's "Natural Born Griller" Serves Up Squeaky Serenity!

Looking for a fun and funky toy that matches your dog's laid-back personality? Look no further than The Fringe Studio's "Natural Born Griller"! This extra fluffy and super squeaky plush toy is the perfect pick for playful pups who like things mellow.

Here's why The Fringe Studio's "Natural Born Griller" is the ultimate  snuggle buddy with a twist:

  • Hidden Squeaker for Surprise Fun: The built-in squeaker is hidden inside the toy, adding an element of surprise and keeping playtime engaging.
  • Extra Loud Squeaks for Gentle Giants: This toy features a loud squeaker, perfect for satisfying the playful instincts of even the most relaxed pups.
  • Super Soft and Huggable: Made with extra-fluffy materials, this sloth is perfect for cuddling and napping, becoming your dog's new best friend.
  • Novelty Design for Modern Pups: The playful design adds a touch of whimsy to your dog's toys, making a statement for the modern dog and dog lover.

Dimensions: Approx. 28cm x 29.4cm